RAEV is an all-in-one solution for running your rental business. Enroll your fleet using our cutting-edge tracking hardware, reap the benefits of our operator portal, and supercharge your bookings with the RAEV rental marketplace.


Manage your fleets and hubs digitally and book customers up to 10X faster. Accept reservations from anywhere - whether it's the booking page embedded on your website, the RAEV rental marketplace, or a manual add. Keep track of documents and status without missing a beat.

Business analytics

Say goodbye to excel sheets. With RAEV, you can track your business performance seamlessly and watch your revenue grow.

Reservation manager

Take control of chaos using our smart reservation manager. Managing reservations is easier than ever with operator-focused, convenient features.

Smart pricing

Increase your profits with smart pricing. Offer reduced fares during slow season to maximize your utilization, and automatically switch to peak pricing on busy weekends.

Simplify Everyday Business Tasks.

RAEV can help you with all aspects of business. We handle all elements of a rental business, from the most complex challenges to the simplest solutions.


Reservations that book and schedule themselves.

Say goodbye to physical paper. With RAEV, creating and editing reservations is easier than ever, and your workload is next to none.


Stay on top of fleet maintenance and features.

Keep track of any issues, notes, or upcoming maintenance. Even better, RAEV helps you schedule service on slow days to not miss out.


Track, unlock, and control vehicles - from your couch.

Enjoy full control of your entire fleet on a convenient online portal. Unlock, start, and lock your vehicles and issue digital keys to customers.

Cutting-edge technology in your hands.

The RAEV tracker module is an industry leading device meticulously engineered to track, manage, and control your rental fleet, no matter whether it is just one vehicle or a thousand assets.

Track your assets

Our hardware tracks your assets even when the vehicle isn't turned on - so you can have peace of mind 24/7.


Our hardware knows how hard your vehicles work. That's why we made the enclosure fully weatherproof, so your fleet is indestructible.

Digital keys

Renters can use digital keys to unlock and start their vehicle. No more fumbling and losing physical keys!

Universal mount

Our hardware has convenient mounting solutions to ensure that they securely fit on any vehicle, without any rattle or movement.


It only takes a few minutes to save you hours of your time. Schedule a demo today and see how RAEV can help you reach your goals!


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and we will get back to you soon.

How long does it take to get started?

Depending on the system used before, most operators can get started in less than 30 minutes.

How much will it cost me?

RAEV offers the booking module, reservation management portal, and user app completely free to the operator. Optional hardware integration costs depend on the number of units needed but are usually much cheaper than alternatives while offering significantly more features.

What payment processing system does RAEV use?

RAEV partners with Stripe to offer a secure payment processing platform. All development and integration are already set up; operators simply need to link their bank account.

How is the RAEV hardware module installed on the vehicle?

RAEV uses a non-invasive method to connect its hardware directly to the vehicle's power electronics. No holes are drilled, and no wires are cut. The cabling is easy to disconnect and uninstall to switch vehicles.

What can I rent out with RAEV?

RAEV initially focused on helping operators rent low-speed vehicles but has adapted to allow renting anything to anyone in the most convenient way possible.

How will RAEV impact my customer support?

RAEV provides operators with tools to offer unparalleled support through automated workflows, enabling them to do more with fewer people.

What do I do if I have a problem with one of the systems?

RAEV offers 24/7 phone support to help operators work through any problem, day or night.

Can the RAEV booking page be added to my existing website?

Yes, the RAEV booking module can be embedded into any website, and RAEV will create a landing page to improve SEO and support digital marketing campaigns.