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Increase profits, reduce cost, and boost vehicle utilization with our plug-and-play hardware made to seamlessly integrate with your existing fleet.

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Everything you need to dominate your geography

RAEV was built for business owners like you - eager to take the next step in their journey.

Plug-in Hardware

Upgrade your existing fleet in minutes and monitor your vehicles, enforce geofencing, and issue digital keys.

Operator Portal

Optimize rental operations and seamlessly track reservations, vehicles, billing along with maintenance schedules.

Rental Marketplace

Access a vast customer base through the rental marketplace - where users search, book, and unlock vehicles.

Features to supercharge your operations

Our flexible feature set will make sure your operations are set up for success.

Multiple Geographies

RAEV’s remote connectivity allows you to serve multiple geographies without a physical storefront.

Repeat Business

The rental marketplace allows users to stay in contact with their favorite fleets and incentivizes recurring trips.

Local Partners

Build relationships and create additional sales channels through local partners. It’s a win-win.

Eliminate Downtime

Our platform helps you decide how to stock and place hubs to minimize downtime and increase revenue.

Reduce Labor

Customers can onboard and check-in without needing any personnel, saving you money and saving the customer time.

Ready to Supercharge Your Fleet?

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Frictionless booking process

The RAEV mobile app conveniently connects your fleet with a vast array of ready customers.

New User Onboarding

Quickly onboard new users with driver’s license verification, convenient payment setup, insurance details and streamlined terms and conditions.


Flexible Reservations

Users can locate available vehicles within the app for instant unlock it, or they can book a reservation ahead of time.

Digital reservation

Digital Controls

Customers can access built-in navigation and digital keys to easily manage their rental. When ready to return, they are taken to the nearest hub.


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